Key People

AIYA is governed by a Board of Directors, these directors hold legal responsibility for the organisation and oversee the wider organisation including National Coordinators, National Officers, Chapter Presidents and Chapter Officers.

Board of Directors

Clarice Campbell is the Katalis Lead Advisor for Skills at Cardno and is based in Jakarta. She is an alumnus of several Australia-Indonesia programs including AIYEP and the Victorian Government Hamer Scholarship. She is a graduate of Monash University, majoring in Indonesian Studies and Linguistics and has been involved in AIYA since 2014.

Clarice Campbell

National President

Claudia Wijaya is studying Laws and Social Science at Macquarie University, majoring in Political Economy. She is interested in Australian and Indonesian law reform through revising policies to improve social environments. As an Australian-born Indonesian, she has maintained a strong connection to the Indonesian culture which she believes AIYA can continue embracing similarities and differences.

Claudia Wijaya

Company Secretary

Josh Sutedjo is an accountant specialising in audit and tax. Josh has long been involved in the Indonesia-Australia sphere as he strongly believes in the need to connect youth of both nations together to further develop the relationship. He has been heavily involved in the Indonesian community in NSW for many years and is a graduate of Macquarie University.

Joshua Sutedjo

National Treasurer

Emily Heng is in her final year of a double degree in Law and Global Studies at Monash University, majoring in Indonesian Studies. In 2018, she participated in a 6-week ACICIS language program in Salatiga. Emily is interested in using grassroots projects to build people-to-people links in the region. She was the Operations Coordinator (Australia) in 2020 and the Victoria Chapter President in 2019.

Emily Heng

Operations Director

Dan Trevanion is a lawyer at a global firm and sits on its internal Indonesia steering committee, he is also a graduate of the ANU and an alumni of AIYEP. Encouraged by having both Australian and Indonesian heritage he began studying Indonesian in primary school and continued his language studies through until university which has made him passionate about supporting the bilateral relationship.

Dan Trevanion

Partnerships and Memberships Director

Kilau works as a media officer in the Australian Public Service. She is a US-born Indonesian who migrated to Canberra when she was 4. She participated in the 2015 RUILI Program and AIYEP 2018/19 in Riau. She has worked as a journalist in both countries and been part of the Indonesian community in Canberra for 22 years. She is committed to promoting Indonesia's language and culture in Australia.

Kilau Timur

Communications Director

Sheila Hie is a Senior Manager in Trade Portfolio Management at ANZ and is based in Brisbane. She came to Australia in 2011 to pursue a degree at UQ and was approached in 2012 with the opportunity to establish AIYA QLD. Sheila is very passionate in promoting Indonesia’s beautiful holiday destinations, Indonesian food and Indonesian-related opportunities to her friends and colleagues.

Adeline Tinessia

NAILA Director

Michael Anderson

NAILA Director

National Team

Vita is currently working at Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (IALF). She has been working closely with Australian Education Providers which make her keen on supporting the Australia-Indonesia relationship. She loves to learn about cultural diversity in Indonesia, particularly its local language.

Vita Kanisha

Operations Coordinator (Indonesia)

Jade Lee

Operations Coordinator (Australia)

Adila Salma Khansa currently works as a Program Assistant at ACICIS and she is a graduate of UGM. She is passionate about language and culture, including connecting with people across cultures. Khansa believes AIYA helps bridge differences as well as strengthens friendships between Indonesians and Australians. That’s why she joined AIYA, and she would love to contribute more!

Adila Salma Khansa

Operations Coordinator (Digital)

Bima Aryuna works in Jakarta and after completing his degree at Telkom University, Bima started his career in marketing. He is currently designing a board game about Sundanese Traditional Script and Batik. Previously, he joined the Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Program (AIYEP) in 2016-17 and would like to contribute more in building Australia-Indonesia relationship through AIYA.

Bima Aryuna

Finance Officer

Frisca Elfiona is a psychology student at UI, prior to joining AIYA, Frisca was actively involved in international organisations such as AIESEC and APYouths. Frisca is highly interested in international relations and loves to engage with various kinds of people from different countries hence why she joined AIYA.

Frisca Elfiona

Digital Events Officer

Patricia Elizabeth

Digital Events Officer

Kazhimi naim is a currently studying a bachelor of science, with a major in mechanical systems at the University of Melbourne. Having been born in Indonesia and migrating to Australia at a young age, Kazhimi has since been very active in the Indonesian community of Victoria. He strongley believes that effective commucation through digital platforms is vital in strengthening bilateral relations.

Kazhimi Naim

Digital Events Officer

Pritta is a lawyer at a renowned firm based in Jakarta and a graduate from Universitas Indonesia. After joining an exchange program to Sydney in 2014, she realized how evident and meaningful the neighboring countries' relationship is. Through AIYA, Pritta hopes to explore the culture and partnership, and make new friends while encouraging youth participation in strengthening the bilateral ties.

Pritta Maharani

Digital Events Officer

Vinska is a student of English Letters at Universitas Sanata Dharma, Yogyakarta. She developed an interest in Indonesia-Australia bilateral relations in 2019 after working with USD Language Institute and ACICIS as a tutor and a student buddy for Australian students. She finds that Australia is another beautiful multicultural country, just like Indonesia.

Vinska Narendbeta

Digital Education Officer

Nisrina is a master's degree student at Monash University Australia, majoring in TESOL. Before joining AIYA, she was actively involved in PPIA and PPIA-Vic by becoming an Inter-Agency and Advocacy and Education-Social-Culture officer. Through AIYA, she hopes to better understand Australian culture, widens her connections, and takes part in strengthening Australia-Indonesia relationship.

Nisrina Ikbar

Digital Education Officer

Bening holds a degree in Indonesian Language and Literature from University of Gadjah Mada. Bening is highly interested in education issues and intercultural communications. Her passion towards Australia-Indonesia relationship was started when she worked at ACICIS. Through AIYA, Bening believes that she'll able to explore and contribute more in building Australia-Indonesia relationship.

Bening Wismawarin

Digital Education Officer

Tom is a graduate of Bachelor of International Studies from Deakin University, as well as the Darmasiswa scholarship program. Having studied Bahasa Indonesia since high school, and with experience living, studying, and interning in Indonesia, Tom firmly believes that meaningful and applied language education is crucial to fostering good Australia-Indonesia relationships.

Thomas Farmer

Digital Education Officer

Arief is a Master of IT student at Sydney University, before pursuing graduate studies, Arief engaged in several software development and cybersecurity programs in Jakarta. As a student who just recently moved to Sydney, Arief is interested in exploring the relationship between Australia and Indonesia, and hopes to use his expertise to support AIYA in promoting the bilateral relationship.

Arief Ashar

Web & IT Officer

Kevin is a Bachelor of Computer science at Darma Persada University. He currently works as a Technical Specialist to develop and maintain systems related to sustainability. He believes AIYA provides a platform for Australian & Indonesian youth to collaborate and create breakthrough initiatives in social, tech and culture.

Kevin Andreas

Web & IT Officer

Kate Langley is studying a Masters of International Relations at Melbourne University. She has gained research experience at different organisations including the Victorian Parliament, the Social Research Centre and Foodbank. She grew up in Hong Kong and completed internships in the Philippines and Indonesia as a NCP recipient, she is a current Asialink Business Asian Leaders Summit intern.

Kate Langley

Research & Policy Officer

Audrey is a PhD Candidate at ANU studying the unique bird diversity in the Indo-Australian region. As an Indonesian who has stayed in Australia for seven years and counting, Australia has felt like home as much as Indonesia is. Enthusiastic in learning new things and with past experiences in supporting international students in Australia, she is keen to contribute to the growing AIYA community.

Audrey Miranda Prasetya

Rersearch & Policy Officer

Gillian is a graduate of Sydney University and as an NCP scholar she studied at the University of Indonesia and interned at CSIS with research articles published in Indonesia Quarterly and Analisis. She has experience working with youth and has proactively supported international engagement through volunteering. Fostering people to people connections in bilateral relations is a passion of hers.

Gillian Scott

Research & Policy Officer

Ghaby majored in International Relations and minored in human rights and communications from Monash University. As an Indonesian who has moved to Australia with an international politics interest, the bilateral relations between Australia and Indonesia is a great interest. She has had some research experience working in the economic sector of the Indonesian Embassy in New South Wales. She is keen to utilize the experiences she has in order to contribute meaningfully to AIYA.

Ghaby Gunawan

Research & Policy Officer

Hirzi is studying Politics and Asian Studies at the University of Melbourne, where he was also President of its Indonesian Students Association. Hirzi has held a number of research and policy positions, such as at the Victorian Parliament and KPMG. As an Indonesian-Australian, he is very keen to use his professional experiences and cultural background to benefit the bilateral relationship.

Hirzi Putra Laksana

Research & Policy Officer

Joe Cruickshank is a graduate of the University of Sydney, he became involved with AIYA in 2018 while he was completing an exchange semester at UI. After the completion of his studies he undertook several internships and spent time travelling across Indonesia. He is passionate about building grassroots, people-to-people connections between Indonesia and Australia.

Joe Cruickshank

Communications Coordinator

Christina Amanda (Christie) is born and raised in Bandung, Jawa Barat, and is currently studying Industrial Design at RMIT Melbourne. She admires how different cultures mesh and mix together, and channels her Indonesian upbringing through the occasional batiking or watercolouring, and singing Indo indie songs. Through AIYA, she hopes to share her heritage and learn more about Australian culture.

Christina Amanda Sadhani

Communications Coordinator

Fahry is AIYA's Blog Editor and is in charge of writing. We live in a world with plenty of information, but not enough explanation. A lot of noise, and not enough clarity. Fahry enjoys writing explainers that challenge the norm, and writes so that the world he sees is never in black and white. For Fahry, it is important to always see clearly when everyone else sees blur.

Fahry Slatter

Communications Coordinator

Raissa Raniah graduated from UQ in 2019, during her time in Australia, Raissa was involved in PPIA UQ and others organisations. Realising both countries’ diverse communities and cultures made her gain a great interest in Australia-Indonesia relations. Now, based in Jakarta, Raissa wants to keep in touch with Australia and she found that AIYA is the perfect platform.

Raissa Raniah

Annual Editor

Dom is an experienced Communications Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the staffing and recruiting industry. Skilled in Journalism, Management, Report Writing, Strategy, and Digital Marketing. Strong business development professional with Master Degrees focused in International Relations, and Publishing & Communications from University of Melbourne.

Dominic Sheehan

Links Officer

Lala is a Program and Communication Officer at a consulting firm and is a graduate of International Relations, specialising in Peace and Conflict Studies. She formerly worked at the Australian Consortium for ‘In-Country’ Indonesian Studies (ACICIS) where she discovered AIYA. She believes AIYA is a great space to improve cross-cultural understanding while building stronger Indonesia-Australia ties.

Nabila Khoiru Nisa

Links Officer

Achmad Sofari Usman (Ari) is a javanese native from Cilacap, Central Java. He holds a Bachelor of Education degree in English Language specialising in Intercultural Communication, Translation, Interpreting, and Sociolinguistics. Ari is passionate about language, education, and culture. Through his involvement in AIYA, he hopes to improve his skills and Australia-Indonesia knowledge.

Achmad Sofari Usman

Social Media Officer

Azmi enjoys meeting new people, listening to their stories, and learning about their backgrounds. Along her way, she found out about AIYA and decided to be involved in it. Azmi believes AIYA’s vision in increasing Australia-Indonesia youth engagement is one of the ways to nurture a closer relationship that will secure these countries' futures.

Fadurro Azmi

Social Media Officer

Claudia is an International Studies student at the University of Sydney. Her love for Indonesia began at school where she first was introduced to Indonesian culture and language. Through her involvement in AIYA she hopes to continue to grow her understanding about Indonesia in order to help young Australian’s have a better understanding of the Australian-Indonesian relationship.

Claudia Petrin

Social Media Officer

Claritha introduces her ethnicity as a mixed of Bataknese and Papuan-Chinese. She is taking an IR major at ANU. Apart from learning 1001 ideas/theories of World Politics, she is passionate about artistic and aethetic pursuits. Through AIYA, she wishes to connect with many more Australian – Indonesian youth, share & develop better insights in strengthening the bilateral relations of both countries.

Claritha Siahaan

Social Media Officer

Dea is currently studying at Airlangga University majoring in IR. She is interested in being able to advance Indonesia’s resources and believes that Australia is a strategic partner in building a reciprocal relationship for the two countries. She is passionate about culture and diplomatic relations and would like to continue to develop close relations between Indonesia and Australia through AIYA.

Dea Salsabila Defri

Social Media Officer

Patrick is an Arts student at Monash University. Majoring in International Relations, he has a passion for Australia’s regional relationships. In 2020, Patrick began a Diploma of Languages in Indonesian, in an effort to engage with the culture, language, and customs of one of Australia’s closest neighbours. He is a blog editor for AIYA, with interests in culture, and the environment.

Patrick Moran

Blog Editor

Dinda is a student of Geography at Universitas Indonesia. She is also studying international business during her exchange at the University of Sydney. Though she's been living her whole life in Jakarta, she's really into a multi-cultural environment. She enjoys reading books as much as watching Netflix on her free time. She’s a member of AIYA Jakarta and a Blog Editor of AIYA National since 2020.

Dinda Ichsani

Blog Editor

Maddie is a student at Deakin Univerity studying a Bachelor of International Studies (Global Scholar). She is majoring in International Relations and Indonesian. Maddie is passionate about gender studies, humanitarian assistance and international policy. In the future, she aims to be involved in building stronger Australia-Indonesia diplomatic ties. Maddie hopes to begin this work through being one of AIYA's National Blog Editors.

Maddie Crothers

Blog Editor

Candra Prasetiatama

Graphic Design Officer

Yudi Tri Utomo

Graphic Design Officer

Dinda Aziza Rialita (Lita) a self-taught graphic designer based in Jakarta. She has been actively involved in AIYA’s since 2020 as a member of the communication graphic design team. Lita has an extreme interest in art and graphic design. Being part of AIYA National is a new journey to broaden her skills, network, and learn new things in a more diverse environment.

Dinda Aziza Rialita

Graphic Design Officer

Jessica Gunawan is a Jakarta native and an Animation Art graduate, having studied and worked in Singapore previously as a Digital Media Designer. She moved to Australia in early 2020. She believes that the Australia-Indonesia relationship has so much potential and feels personally convicted to make a contribution. When she is not working, she can be found running her own art side hustle online.

Jessica Gunawan

Video Producer

Aulia Rifqiandono (Al) graduated from The London School of Public Relations, Jakarta. Between 2015-16 he moved to Australia under a Work-Holiday visa, during his experience in Australia, he joined AIYA NT as a Communication Officer. Back in Jakarta in 2017, He had the opportunity to work with the local government Jakarta Smart City and now a content strategist at Jabar Digital Service.

Aulia Rifqiandono

Video Producer

Adolf Richardo

Content Translator

Lotte is a content translator and shares a passion for Indonesian language and culture. She is a MSc graduate Contemporary Asian Studies from the University of Amsterdam. In Yogyakarta, Lotte joined the ACICIS language program at UGM. She also conducted research in Balikpapan and moved to Bandung as a Darmasiswa Scholarship Program awardee at UNPAD. When not translating, you will see her cycling!

Lotte Troost

Content Translator

Gabriella is an undergraduate of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering at Universitas Indonesia. She is interested in knowing people from different backgrounds and she always open to trying new things. She joined AIYA so that she can learn more about Australian culture and the relationship between Australia and Indonesia.

Gabriella Pasya

Content Translator

Joshua Preece

Kumpul Officer

Novie Manurung

Kumpul Officer

Abbey Cutler is a 4th year Law/Arts student at LaTrobe University in Melbourne. She has been studying Bahasa Indonesia for 10 years and is very passionate about the language and the country. Abbey has taken part in several programs across Indonesia and Australia, including ACICIS and Cinderella Indonesia. Abbey has been a part of AIYA since 2020 and is passionate about building key relationships across Australia and Indonesia in order to promote more cultural awareness.

Abbey Cutler

Womens Officer

Magdalena Venasia

Womens Officer

Nadia F. Romadhona

Womens Officer

Nafya Windia Putri

Womens Officer

Andiana Maharani Pitaloka

Womens Officer

Cana Paranita

Womens Officer

Clara is a German Tutor based in Yogyakarta. She puts a lot of concern on culture, humanity, language and art. She joined AIYA earlier in 2021 and looking forward to learn more about Australia and Indonesia relationship and to have more exciting experience with her new friends. At the moment, she is interested to study further about Indonesia as a Foreign Language (BIPA) and promoting Indonesian culture.

Clara Sidharta

Womens Officer

Metta Kohar is pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Banking and Finance at Monash University. Passionate about cultural and social justice issues, Metta joins AIYA in hopes of creating a tangible social impact and fostering a strong bilateral relationship for both countries she calls home. In her downtime, Metta enjoys traveling, reading, and exploring the city for new cuisines.

Metta Kohar

Womens Officer

Chapter Presidents

Charlie Barnes

AIYA Australian Capital Territory

Samantha Lim

AIYA New South Wales

Bintang Daly

AIYA Northern Territory

Courtney Leigh

AIYA Queensland

Christina Methieson

AIYA South Australia

Jade Lee

AIYA Victoria

Kevin Ng is a bachelor student of Marketing at the University of Western Australia. He is involved in several community engagements and volunteering activities. In his free time, he contributes columns for several news agencies and media, such as Tempo, Tirto, Indoprogress, Mojok, Suara Peranakan, and others.

Kevin Ng

AIYA Western Australia

Citra currently works at ACICIS, where she coordinates intensive programs for Australian students to study in Indonesia. Outside of work, Citra volunteers as the Board Director of the ASEAN-Australia Strategic Youth Partnership and she was re-elected as the Jakarta Chapter President. Citra loves spicy food and spends most of her free time exploring Indonesia’s best beaches.

Citra Gantiaji

AIYA Jakarta

Dyo completed his Bachelor of Arts majoring in Commercial Photography in Pasundan University, Bandung. His interest in travel and curiosity towards other cultures has brought him active in various cultural groups since his undergraduate years. This reason also what brought him into AIYA back in 2018. Currently he's running his businesses both in f&b and digital marketing.

Dyo Pamungkas

AIYA Jawa Barat

Alberto holds a bachelor of engineering at the Nusa Cendana University. After graduated, he works as a freelancer at a mining consulting company in NTT. He has been actively engaged in many volunteering activities internationally & locally and becomes interested in the bilateral relation between Australia-Indonesia when he joined the Vocational Internship Program in Queensland, Australia.

Alberto Selan

AIYA Nusa Tenggara Timur

Vita has been involved in the chapter since 2017. She is a Senior Counselor at Indonesia Australia Language Foundation (IALF) and based in Bali. She has been working closely with Australian Education Providers which make her keen on supporting the Australia-Indonesia relationship. She loves to learn about cultural diversity in Indonesia, particularly its local languages.

Vita Kanisha Ilma

AIYA Sulawesi Selatan

Tata is a legal officer based in Yogyakarta. She just graduated from the Faculty of Law, Universitas Gadjah Mada, minoring in international law. She has been involved in AIYA since 2018, after joining some short-course programs with Australian students. Since then, she developed a big interest in the neighbouring countries’ relationship. In the meantime, Tata likes to go on a picnic with friends.

Arifiana T.P. Wardhani

AIYA Yogyakarta

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