Two scholarships open to Australian students interested in studying in Indonesia have recently come to our attention, both funded by the Indonesian government.

Potential applicants will need to be quick, however — they close on the 24th and 29th of January, respectively.

Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship

The Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship (IACS) has been conducted since 2003, and is funded by the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It covers tuition fees, airfares, accommodation, meals and an allowance for ten recipients from countries including Australia and New Zealand across two programs — a general program, and a specialist program.

The theme of this year’s specialist program is Indonesian Studies for Future Indonesianist. Its stated objective is to “introduce Indonesia to interested individuals…who wish to specialise in Indonesian studies”. The program will cover Indonesian language, politics, culture, and democracy.

For more information about the two programs, download the fact sheets:

Applications for the regular program close on the 22nd of February, 2014; AIYA has been informed that applications for the specialist program have been extended until the 29th of February, 2014.

Darmasiswa Scholarship

The Darmasiswa scholarship is a program offered by the Indonesian Ministry for Education and Culture for foreign students to study the Indonesian language, traditional music, dance, and craft. Candidates are permitted to choose which institutions they will study at.

For more information on the programs available, visit the Darmasiswa website. Applications close on the 29th of February, 2014.