Since 2012, the AIYA website has been at the forefront of AIYA’s online efforts to connect, inform and inspire Australian and Indonesian youth, and the AIYA Blog has played a proud role in the process. Contributors and readers like you from both countries have supported the growth of the Blog, and we would like to thank you for that support!

Today, we celebrate 500 posts on the AIYA Blog with a review of the most popular articles and pages from the past four years (and we also make a call for new contributions!).

From Humble Beginnings

But before that, let’s take a moment to reflect on where it all began. You can learn of the origins of AIYA’s online presence by reading the very first post on the AIYA website in January 2012 here: Media Release: ANU Students and Alumni Deepen the Australia-Indonesia Relationship.

Our weekly review of job opportunities, news and recently-published blog posts, AIYA Links, continues to prove popular with readers in its Friday mailout. Check out the first ever AIYA Links, published in February 2013, here, then jump forward to last Friday’s review here.

Our Most Popular Posts

When it comes to most popular blog posts, there are a few stand-out articles that have really attracted the attention of readers. One of them is Brahm Marjadi’s fascinating overview of culture, customs and traditional greetings in Indonesia, published in January 2015. He provides some practical and insightful tips on handshakes, religious ceremonies and Western faux pas.

Stories of cultural diversity and personal struggle are also a favourite for many of our readers. Marsita Riandini revealed the uniqueness of the traditional betangas sauna of West Kalimantan in January 2015, and just this month Jane Ahlstrand related Rikayanti Desy’s inspiring story of resilience during the 2004 tsunami.

How about simply scrolling down the page and seeing what takes your fancy – there’s likely something there to pique your interest.

Jobs and Opportunities

Job openings and professional opportunities relevant to our bilateral audience were originally posted on the same page as media releases and blog articles – but the information grew so popular it is now housed on a special page of its own, which is regularly updated with the latest opportunities.

Resources focusing on the Indonesia work and holiday visa and general tips for working in Indonesia continue to prove a big hit, and more and more opportunities for an Indonesian audience are being uploaded to the page. Indeed, one of our most popular blog articles is Albert Christian Soewongsono’s top tips and tricks for applying for the LPDP scholarship in this twopart article.

Elsewhere, permanent pages on the website detailing where and why one should learn Indonesian could provide another useful resource for Australians.

Contribute to the Blog!

Reflecting on our progress up until this point is also a prime opportunity to look ahead – so that’s why we’re making a call for contributions to the Blog.

If you have a penchant for writing or commentary, or would like to impart helpful insights to fellow Australian and Indonesian youth, then we would like to hear from you. We highly value contributions focusing on job and study experiences and opportunities, because we know that’s what many of you like reading most! Articles written in Indonesian are brilliant too.

We’re open to ideas and suggestions – the emphasis is on producing content that is relevant and interesting for a bilateral audience. If you’re intrigued, feel free to have a read of our Writing for AIYA Guide and get in touch.

Thank you all for your continued support of the AIYA Blog, and we hope to be publishing your pieces soon!