In the news

  • On Tuesday, Jakarta Governor Ahok was sentenced to two years jail for blasphemy. Fairfax’s Jewel Topsfield and Karuni Rompies reported from Jakarta.
  • The NYT explores the reaction of legal experts to Ahok’s sentencing.
  • ‘Two back-to-back decisions have left Indonesia more religiously polarised than ever. One was politically inept, the second deeply unjust’. Sidney Jones assesses the Indonesian legal system after the ban Hizbut Tahrir and the sentencing of Ahok.
  • ‘If someone like Ahok is jailed for blasphemy, what will happen to other minorities in Indonesia?’ asks Human Rights Watch.
  • In New Mandala, Eve Warburton and Liam Gammon study exit polls from the Jakarta gubernatorial election and conclude that ‘class and ethnic identity do intersect in Indonesia, and political elites are increasingly willing to highlight and politicise this intersection.’
  • While we are here at New Mandala, Jeremy Menchik looks ahead to the 2019 Presidential election and points out key differences betweek Ahok and Jokowi.
  • In a country where only 12 million of the 260 million population filed a tax return last year, what are the benefits of a tax amnesty in Indonesia?
  • Will Australia learn from South Korea’s focus on Indonesian language literacy?
  • John G Butcher and R E Elson explore the history and herald Indonesia’s diplomatic victory in becoming recognised at an archipelagic state.

AIYA presents Kartini

Join AIYA as we bring 2017’s biggest Indonesian film to cinemas across Australia. Directed by Hanung Bramantyo and starring Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?‘s Dian Sastrowardoyo, ‘Kartini’ tells the story of Indonesia’s most famous heroine. Watch the trailer and register for a screening near you.

At the blog

  • Gamelan in Australia. Jane Ahlstrand writes about the collaboration between Sekaa Gong Sekar Langit and Kita Art Community.
  • ‘There’s almost no such thing as a bad idea when it comes to improving the Australia-Indonesia relationship; we should be trying everything.’ Read the AIBC Young Professionals’ chat with Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen.


  • Sydney, 13 May: See the Suara Indonesia Dance Group in action at a fundraiser in Newtown.
  • Melbourne, 16 May: Get exam ready at AIYA Victoria and PPIA Monash’s BERBAHASA. Or, if you’d prefer a little time away from the books, join the rest of AIYA Victoria at their weekly kick-off netball.
  • Canberra, 17 May: Join AIYA ACT for a public lecture on the 2017 Jakarta Election: the Campaign Online and Offline with Dr Ross Tapsell and Dr Marcus Mietzner.
  • Sydney, 27 May: PPIA NSW presents the Indonesian Ideas Conference, or ICON, featuring guest speakers (Kick) Andy F Noya, Daniel Mananta, Alamatnya Shantika and North Hudson Ismail.
  • Sydney, May 31: A night of lively and entertaining debate at AIYA NSW’s Great Garooda Debate.