To celebrate the 72nd Independence Day of Indonesia in August, the Indonesian Students’ Association of Australia in Victoria (PPIA Victoria) has once again organised a comedy musical drama called Temu Lawak (Teater Muda Langkah Awal Kemerdekaan).

The theme of the second production of Temu Lawak will be historical events in the early 1930s, throwing the audience back to the era of Dutch colonialism in Indonesia. The drama will not only illustrate the war against the colonisers, but also various Indonesians’ perspectives in that era with a touch of humor and educative values.

Temu Lawak 2017 will be held on Saturday August 19, 2017, at Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne at 2.30pm. The comedy musical drama titled Oh! Batavia will last for 80 minutes and be combined with live music and a student performance. All elements of the show, ranging from the choreography, script, music arrangement and composition are fully directed and created by Indonesian students in Victoria. (Pssst! You can also catch a glimpse of other aspects of Indonesia in this show!)

“We, Indonesian youth, would like to address the message that love and hope can be found even in the darkest of times. The stories around colonial-era Indonesia’s struggle for independence will be delivered in a fun, interesting and educative ways, meaning everyone can enjoy this show”, said Kevin Joshua, the project manager of Temu Lawak 2017.

Reflecting Temu Lawak’s success last year, PPIA Victoria hopes that Temu Lawak 2017 can serve as a means to foster the spirit of Independence Day among the younger generations and to contribute to the future of the nation.

Follow PPIA Victoria’s Instagram and Facebook page for more information. You can also purchase tickets at or by contacting Ovi (+61431 732 303) or Nesia (+61499 781 230).