In the news

  • A new species of orangutan has been identified living on the island of Sumatra. A new study shows that the population of about 800 apes living in the Sumatran mountains are genetically distinct, and makes it the rarest great ape on earth.
  • Jokowi’s hands may be tied in what civil society groups see as Indonesia’s slide back into authoritarianism. Tim Lindsey at Melbourne Law School writes about what recent protests at Jakarta Legal Aid Foundation may imply to the future of Indonesian democracy.
  • Related to the topic, Saskia Wieringa provides a first-hand account of the events of the attack in Inside Indonesia.
  • Nadjib Riphat Kesoema, a former ambassador to Australia said Indonesia needs a strong branding strategy and closer coordination for its public diplomatic efforts with Australia.
  • What is a foodventurer? NPR sat down with Indonesia’s rising food blogger, Prawnche Ngaditowo, about food and social media outlets that help bind Indonesia together.
  • A new study by Uber and Boston Consulting Group shows that Jakartans spend an average 22 days a year in traffic, where on an average day, drivers spend 68 minutes in traffic and 21 minutes looking for parking.
  • Get to know Aaron Seeto, an Aussie heading Museum MACAN in Jakarta, Indonesia’s first large-scale contemporary art museum that just opened last week, in an interview with the Australian.

On the blog

  • AIYA Annual is back and we want to hear from you! We are building on the success of AIYA Annual 2016 report by including original material from our talented AIYA members. Check out this page for more details and some ideas to get your creative minds buzzing. Submit before 21 November 2017 and selected pieces will be published in the report by January 2018.
  • We spoke with Michael Abimanyu Kaeng, a school student whose film Water for Grandpa Jan won Best Youth Film at ReelOzInd this year. Check out the story about the inspiration behind his film and his creative approach and family support in the production process (bahasa Indonesia).


  • Canberra, 13 November – Attend Leila S Chudori’s lecture at ANU, where she will share her creative process and Indonesian literature.
  • Sydney, 14 November – New date: Check out AIYA NSW’s discussion panel on the military relationship between Indonesia and Australia with experts from Imparsial – The Indonesian Human Rights Monitor and Australian Department of Defence.
  • Melbourne, 15 November – Join AIYA VIC’s upcoming language exchange! If you are looking to level up your Indonesian skills or add few more Aussie slangs, then this is for you. All levels are welcome!
  • Melbourne, 20 November – Attend Lowy Institute’s lecture series of Beyond access: Making Indonesia’s education system work where leading experts on policy and politics Indonesia will discuss underlying political and social relationships in Indonesia’s education system.
  • Jember, Samarinda, Cairns, 18 & 24 November – Check out select short films at Australia – Indonesia Short Film Festival screenings across Indonesia and Australia.
  • Darwin, 25 November – Join AIYA NT! Please see how you can get involved under Opportunities below.


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