2017 Foreign Policy White Paper Release (Australian Institute of International Affairs)

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop launched the Foreign Policy White Paper with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on 23 November. What does Indonesia stand in Australia’s foreign policy priorities?

In the news

  • Many Australian leaders often say that the relationship with Indonesia to be the most important bilateral relationship. However, Professor Tim Lindsey thinks that the noticeably light on details in this year’s white paper will not affect much to Indonesia.
  • My Pain, My Country is a new novel by Dewi Anggraeni looking back at the chaotic riots in 1998, where it seeks to bring cultural nuance to the anti-government protests that led to President Soeharto’s fall.
  • Are Australia and Indonesia as close as you think? Professor Jenny Stewart writes that the people of the two countries know surprisingly little about one another.
  • The Australia-Indonesia Centre recently appointed Helen Brown, a former ABC Indonesia correspondent as its inaugural Digital Economy Fellow.
  • According to the Diplomat, Indonesia’s recent new military chief nomination means that it confirms months of speculation where the key post holds significance within the changing context of Indonesia’s military and politics.
  • ANU’s Ray Yen went to the “reunion” for 2016’s anti-Ahok demonstrations over the weekend, and shares his thoughts on how the event was a joyful celebration of an “Islamic awakening”, but also a platform for religious intolerance and racism.

On the blog

  • This week, we hear from producer Ben Mortley, who is one of the people behind Mukhtar’s Story, a short film originally shot as part of the feature-length documentary Aceh: beyond the tsunami, which has upcoming screenings under Events below.


  • Sydney, 10 December – Come to AIYA NSW’s annual Malam Trivia Night for a fun night of food, prizes, and test your knowledge on all things Australian and Indonesian!
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  • Banda Aceh, 17 December – Attend the premiere screening of Aceh: beyond the tsunami, a documentary exploring the extraordinary stories of 2004 survivors and Q&A with the producers.
  • Yogyakarta, 19 December – The Aceh: beyond the tsunami movie team is also holding a screening in Yogya! Check out the details here on how you can attend the event.


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