We Did It!!!

On Saturday the 15th of September, we rose at the crack of dawn, gloves and bags in hand, ready to clean up the streets of Bandung. As just one location across 155 countries, we had the privilege of being just a few in 13 plus million volunteers contributing to a cleaner, waste-free world. Inspired by more humble beginnings, this day provides ordinary people with the opportunity to achieve something truly extraordinary. Not only that, but World Cleanup Day, gives communities the opportunity to come together, despite differences in race, occupation, background and hobbies and work towards a common goal.

Photo: 2018 International Cleanup Crew

As we walked the streets of Bandung you could sense the vibrancy of the community. There were Warung owners helping us pick up rubbish as we walked pass their stall and children loving the opportunity to help their parents and get involved. It was wonderful to see so many people uniting in one location passionate and excited about two hours of doing our bit for the environment. Just in our group alone, there were 5 different nations represented, just showing the how something as simple as picking up rubbish has the ability to unite people from all over the globe.

The overwhelming consensus on the day was that it was great to be a part of something bigger than ourselves and contribute to a cleaner planet. World Cleanup day has definitely been written into our 2019 Calendar, no matter what part of the world we find ourselves next year.