As the world contends with Covid-19, Indonesia and Australia have an opportunity to establish deeper ties and cooperation on matters of mutual concerns.

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  • Indonesia is set to open an emergency coronavirus hospital in Galang island. Authorities have repurposed the former Vietnam war era refugee camp as part of the efforts to rapidly augment healthcare capacities amidst the outbreak of the pandemic, as this Asian Review article details. (Nikkei Asian Review)
  • The Central Java administration has launched an online map detailing the spread of the coronavirus in the regions across the province as part of an effort to provide accurate information to the public regarding the scale of local contagion. Check it out here. (The Jakarta Post) 
  • As more and more cases of COVID-19 arise in Indonesia, so too are the number of deaths. Indonesia now has the highest death rate in Southeast Asia. Indonesia now bans entry to foreigners as study warns that 240,000 could die from the virus, this ABC article investigates. (ABC Australia)
  • The ability to work from home and self-isolate is a privilege opportunity. For many, including the refugees in Indonesia, it is impossible to self-isolate as they fear of a coronavirus outbreak within their community. (SBS News)
  • Missed out on Indonesia Project’s live seminar? Fear not! A recording of their seminar ‘Reading the Corona, from gloom to doom, are we doing the right thing?’ is now up on their website! Check it out. (Indonesia Project)
  • Indonesia’s traditional puppet shows have been given a modern twist! Story lines are now filled with jokes and references to Whatsapp and other elements of digital culture. Asik! Mari kita lihat disini. (South China Morning Post)
  • Indonesia’s largest Muslim organisations, Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah, have advised people against participating in the annual Idul Fitri Mudik in May, as it risks to exarcebate the spread of COVID-19 in the country. Read here. (The Jakarta Post)


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AIYA x  UniBRIDGE Online Language Exchange (‘FLEX’)

AIYA is proud to present a new online version of our classic Language Exchange program for its members – Flexible Language Exchange or FLEX. This program will be run in partnership with our friends from the UniBRIDGE Project, and it will start this Sunday (timetable below).

Registration: For AIYA members, simply create an account on UniBRIDGE – a registration guide is available. Your registration will usually be processed in 1- 2 business days, once completed you will be notified that you can now participate in our FLEX program. If you’re not an AIYA member yet, simply sign-up via our website.

Sunday/Minggu 1:00pm WIB / 4pm AEST

Wednesday/Rabu 4:00pm WIB / 7:00pm AEST

Thursday/Kamis 7:00pm WIB / 10:00pm AEST

AIYA dengan bangga mempersembahkan versi online dari program Language Exchange untuk member kami, ‘Flexible Language Exchange’ atau ‘FLEX.’ Program ini akan dijalankan dengan mitra dan kawan kami, UniBRIDGE Project, dan akan dimulai hari Minggu ini (jadwal dibawah)

Registrasi: Untuk member AIYA, anda hanya perlu membuat akun di UniBRIDGEpetunjuk registrasi tersedia. Proses registrasi biasanya memakan waktu 1-2 hari. Sesudah proses ini selesai, anda akan mendapat notifikasi untuk bisa berpartisipasi di program FLEX kami. Jika anda belum menjadi member AIYA, anda bisa sign-up di website kami.

  • AIYA National have written a letter to AIYA members and supporters on the status of Covid-19 and its impact for AIYA events and the current status of travel restrictions for Australian and Indonesian citizens. Read it here – Bahasa Indonesia and English.
  • COVID-19 isolation has left you wondering what to do? Fear not, AIYA Victoria has got you covered for your entertainment! Every fortnight on Wednesday, AIYA Victoria will release a video on various topics. Check out this week’s!
  • 16 April- Waban COVID-19 melanda, jangan putus asa! Mari gelorakan optimisme diaspora Indonesia! Join Bima Arya, Kristiarto Legowo, Prof. Mas’ud Said and Yunarto Wijaya on ‘Membangun Optimisme Ditengah Wabah Covid-19’ webinar. For more info click here. 


COVID-19 support

  • AIYA is aware that some of our members may be going through difficulties due to the circumstances of the pandemic. Please find a list of support packages that you may be eligible for.




Please double-check the availability of the opportunities advertised, as many will be cancelled as a result of COVID-19. 

  • Stay tuned!The ReelOzInd! 2020 Competition will kick off on the 16 April (until 1 August) in FilmFreeway. The competition theme this year is energi/energy. Understandably, many filmmakers may be limited in some ways, but hopefully isolation can provide the perfect opportunity for your creativity to flourish! Find the Call for Submissions Trailer on YouTube here.
  • Do you want to be a leader in your field and join an inspiring network of changemakers? Apply today for the Australia Awards Postgraduate Scholarships (open to Indonesian nationals) and gain a world-class education and become a leader for development. Deadline has been extended until 30 June 2020.
  • ACICIS is inviting all of its alumni to join the all-new alumni platform. It is packed with new features such as alumni directory, jobs and opportunities page, events page, interest-group pages, as well as other exciting features that will be added regularly. To sign-up, please visit their alumni website here.
  • Inside Indonesia publishes original pieces on a wide range of political, social, environmental and cultural issues in Indonesia. They accept articles from a diverse range of people who have an interest in Indonesia. To find out how to contribute, click here.

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