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Rebel Wilson. What first crossed your mind when you read the name of this actress? Perfect Pitch? Night at the Museum? Someone funny and adorable? Comedian? Well, all of your answers are correct. The Australian actress, comedian and producer is always present with his films that invite laughter. He was able to show his quality as a female comedian and was successfully asked to be the main actor in various comedy genre films.

Well, I wonder how the action in every film? Here are the three best films played by Rebel Wiliam based on AIYA National Team version. Check it out!

How to be A Single

Wikipedia explains How to be A Single is a romantic comedy that tells the story of four girls who are surrounded by love problems. Starting from Alice Kepley (Dakota Johnson) who decided to move to New York after breaking up with his girlfriend met Robin (Rebel Wilson) someone who is free-spirited. Robin decided to introduce Alice to Tom, a handsome bartender. Alice fell in love with Tom, but this man kept feelings for Lucy who apparently was not aware of Tom’s feelings and was busy looking for a partner.

Lifting a big theme about being single or single is an interesting idea in this film. The story line that is displayed is very light and easy to enjoy. The comedy element is also one of the important things that makes this film more exciting. Love stories, broken hearts, rejection and even friendship are the spices we get while watching this film. If you are heartbroken this movie can be one of your entertainment and get a life back!

Isn’t it Romantic?

As the first film produced by Rebel himself, this comedy with a romantic comedy and fantasy background offers a fun-looking love and identity story.

Natalie (Rebel Wilson) is an architect at a company who doesn’t really like love stories. For him, everything that is romantic is things that don’t make sense and are boring. He also did not really believe in the power of love until one day he experienced a hard impact on his head after fighting a pickpocket. After that incident, Natalie began to experience events like those in romantic films. He met a man named Blake who was so handsome and rich. Natalie’s apartment also changed, everything changed. Even so, Natalie apparently loved her old life.

This film is actually very suitable to watch when someone feels he is not good, inappropriate or insecure. Although romantic comedies and of course many funny and adorable scenes, the best conclusion that can be drawn from this film is to love yourself is the hardest work, but by loving yourself another love will also come. How, have you loved yourself?

The Hustle

This film tells the story of two con artists, Penny Rust (Rebel Wilson), a low-paid con artist and Josephine Chesterfield (Anne Hathaway), a top-class con artist who met on a train. Initially Penny was deceived by Josephine but eventually they both became coworkers and worked together to bring down those who made mistakes on them.

Carrying the theme of deception and comedy of course the story line of this film is full of surprises and managed to make us laugh out loud. Josephine taught Penny many tricks to become an elegant con artist. But the friendship between the two of them had a chance to fight and eventually made them compete.

This film is not only interesting to watch as weekend shows, but also teaches many things including the meaning of good friendship and cooperation. We can just meet someone randomly but end up being best friends with each other. Disputes will also always exist in every relationship and this is natural. Isn’t disputes this thing that should make any relationship even tighter?

Now, those are our recommended Rebel William films, which one do you like? His films always have messages about loving oneself, friendship and family. Watching Rebel films makes us miss friends.

Happy watching everyone!