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Joko Anwar. A name that is already familiar in the Indonesian entertainment industry, especially in the field of film. Various types of film genres have been worked on by directors, screenwriters, producers and artists ranging from comedy, romance, family, action to horror. Of course it still warms in our minds how the success of Joko Anwar’s horror film, released in 2019 and which carries the theme of gore. Well, than you guys are curious AIYA National has summarized three horror films by Joko Anwar that can enter your viewing list. Let’s go!

Forbidden Door (2009)

The Forbidden Door is Joko Anwar’s first horror film adapted from a novel of the same name by Sekar Ayu Asmara. With a duration of 1.5 hours, this film tells the story of a sculpture artist named Gambir who has an established and rich life complete with a brilliant career and a perfect wife. Until one day he found a locked door in his own house and became so curious about what was behind the door because several times a voice called for help from behind the door. Messages began to emerge and he later found out to be from a six-year-old boy who was tortured by his mother. Who is the figure of this child? Will Gambir be able to save this child and solve the puzzle that has sprung up in his life after finding this door? Can Gambir find the right answer to all of this? Are you curious? Don’t forget to watch the film.

Satan’s Slaves (2017)

The second horror film version of the remake (1980) with the same title made by Joko Anwar was very explosive in the market. Successfully scored 4.2 million viewers throughout Indonesia delivering this film as the best-selling horror film of all time. The film was also screened in various countries and successfully perched in Indonesian cinema for two months. Satan’s Slaves tells about a family who lives in a house in Jakarta. At that time the family’s finances were running low while her mother had a history of illness that was quite severe and needed substantial funds for treatment. His mother could only lie in bed, but one time he was found falling on the bathroom floor and died. Since then the terror in this family began. They often see figures that resemble their mothers, the events of the death of their grandmother in the wells of the house until the arrival of the undead that surrounded their homes. How did this happen? What exactly happened to their mother? Why did this terror appear right after the death of his mother? What is the next story of this family? Find the full answer in the film Devils of Satan.

Impetigore (2019)

After the success of Devils Devoted, Joko Anwar returned to greet Indonesian films by releasing the film Impetigore. This film won a number of outstanding performances both at home and abroad, one of which was the Sundance Festival, known as a famous festival event. This film tells the story of Maya who lives alone in Jakarta with her friend Dini decides to return to Maya’s hometown after hearing the information that she has a heritage in the form of a mansion. Maya and Dini are determined to sell the house and make the money as additional capital for their business. The situation in the village is very strange and far from the crowd and there are many graves of children. Until one night, Maya heard the scream of a woman who was about to give birth. Maya goes to the origin of the voice and witnesses the birth of the child. From there, little by little, the mystery of the village that is now inhabited by Maya and Early began to unfold. What really happened in this village? Why are there so many children’s graves there? Did Maya and Dini’s mission be successfully carried out and return to the city? Watch only Impetigore. 

Well, that’s three horror films by Joko Anwar. These films, in addition to being studded with famous Indonesian actors and actresses, also always present horror terror that is gripping and able to make the viewers difficult to sleep. For those of you who have watched all the films above, which ones are your favorite?