Indonesia is home to the region’s last tropical glacier. But the impact of global warming means that it may not exist for much longer.

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  • Once upon a time existed an impressionable girl, afraid to express her opinion. Thinking outside of the box was never a consideration, she was chained within this cramped, confining box. She was nothing more than a blank canvas. She moulded herself into any shape anyone wanted her to be, twisting and turning as if she existed to fit everyone’s ideals, though such a feat is impossible. To read more, click here (1st winner of AIYA Jakarta Writing Competition)
  • Perjuangan saya mungkin tidak lebih berat dibandingkan dengan pahlawan pengharum nama bangsa tapi bagi saya hidup yang penuh dengan lika liku dan kegagalan ini membuat saya sadar bahwa tidak semua orang mampu menghadapi apa yang saya jalani, bertahan saat ditimpa kegagalan dan sempat merasa ingin berhenti melanjutkan perjuangan ini, merasa putus asa karena tak kunjung sampai tujuan. Klik di sini untuk membaca lebih lanjut (2nd Winner of AIYA Jakarta Writing Competition)
  • Many people imagine a hero to be someone who fought against colonialism and stood up for independence. This assumption is certainly not wrong, since those who fought for independence are indeed regarded as heroes. They stood up for the people and the state at the expense of their valuable treasures and even their own life. To me, a hero is someone who supports righteousness and who is willing to help anyone. This definition of a hero I have found in Harjo Dimulyo. To read more, click here (3rd winner of AIYA Jakarta Writing Competition)


  • JOIN AIYA ON DISCORD! AIYA would like to cordially invite you to join our new Discord, an online group-chatting platform. We will be using Discord a digital hub for AIYA activities including:
  • FLEX- our online language exchange is shifting over to Discord from UniBridge
  • Games nights- AIYA will be hosting casual and impromptu gatherings on Discord
  • Ngobrol santai- Any AIYA member will be able to join and chat with other members whenever you want.
    • 31 Oct – 12 Dec – Indonesia Calling 2020 is a contemporary art exhibition held in Sydney, which includes 30 artists from Bandung, Yogyakarta, Bali and Jakarta. The exhibition explores life on the ground in Indonesia and aims to raise awareness of the impacts of Covid-19 on communities. More info here.
  • 14 December- The Australian Embassy Jakarta is hosting their next Big Ideas Webinar, Healthy Skepticism: Stopping the Spread of Misinformation During COVID-19. The webinar will take place at 10am WIB/ 2pm AEDT. More info here.
  • 15 December- UTS and IABC are hosting a webinar called Digital Economy as the Engine for Economic recovery: Perspectives from Indonesia-Australia. Join academics and prominent business leaders in their discussion at 2 pm AEDT/ 10 pm WIB. Register here.
  • 15 December- join Australia Awards’ Online Dialogue “Creative Economy in Boosting Economic Growth During Pandemic in Papua” at 10:00 – 12:30 WIT (08:00 – 10:30 AM WIB, 12:00 – 14:30 AEDT) via Zoom. More info here.
  • 16 December – CAUSINDY will have its final instalment of its online webinar series. Their gender panel will discuss equality, empowerment, and intersectionality from a range of perspectives. The event will take place at 5 pm AEDT/ 1 pm WIB. More info here.
  • Suara Indonesia Dance are hosting online Indonesian dance classes via zoom. They’re held on Friday nights between 6:30pm – 7:30pm AEST. All ages and levels welcome. Read more and book via paypal here
  • Kremes Podcast provides lovers of Australia and Indonesia with a chance to listen to a range of Aus-Indo topics from casual chats about our shared cross-cultural experiences to more informative discussions like tips on living/studying/working in Australia. Listen here
  • Indonesia Project Global Seminar – ANU’s Indonesia Project is bringing you a weekly series of seminars on COVID-19 right to your living room. Join in for live discussions, or surf through the archives of previous seminars here.


  • AIYA Yogyakarta is seeking new committee members! If you are a passionate young Australian or Indonesia who wants to contribute in building better cross-cultural understanding between two countries, then don’t think twice about registering yourself! Click here to apply (No later than 12 December)
  • The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is seeking a Unit Manager- IA-CEPA and ECP based in Jakarta. Application closes 16 December, 11:30 pm AEDT. More info here. 
  • Join AIYA NSW! The team is recruiting for Communication officer, Education officer and Sociocultural officer. If you are passionate about Australia and Indonesia, apply here! Application closes Friday, 18 December.
  • The Australia-Indonesia Partnership for Justice Phase 2 (AIPJ2) is seeking an Activity Coordinator- Court Efficiency and Transparency based in Jakarta. Application closes 5 pm WIB on Friday, 18 December. Apply here. 
  • ISW Women Scholarship funds female full-time research students to study at universities in the US and Canada. Apply for the next round by 28 December, and read more info here.
  • Ever wondered what it takes to work for the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO)? If you’re an Australian citizen, then you can register for the ASIO Analyst Virtual Experience, where you’ll experience working in fast-paced analytical counter-terrorism exercises, reviewing and assessing intelligence. Register here.
  • The Asian Trade Centre (AIC) is seeking Research Analysts to join for internships. Interns must have a background in policy research, trade, economics, law or related area, and will contribute to the design, development and delivery of ATC’s trade research, capacity building, thought leadership and advocacy products. ATC will review & accept candidates on a rolling basis throughout 2020. More info here.
  • The Indonesian Film Festival Australia is opened for submissions for 2021. This year’s theme, ‘Myopia’, is a celebration of all the little things that often get overlooked. More info here and apply here.
  • Have you got some stories to share about Southeast Asia? Pitch an idea to The Sydney Southeast Asia Centre. SSEAC is looking for a breadth of disciplinary focus including history, law, political science, agriculture, medicine, among others. For more info click here.
  • Inside Indonesia publishes original pieces on a wide range of political, social, environmental and cultural issues in Indonesia. They accept articles from a diverse range of people who have an interest in Indonesia. To find out how to contribute, click here. 

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