AIYA committee members from around the country are heading to Sydney this weekend to take part in a planning weekend for the year ahead. We’ll be posting about our meetings on the blog here, as well as our Twitter account.

Meanwhile – it’s Friday, which means it’s time for our second weekly links post!

  • The Jakarta Globe ran two interesting articles on Australia-Indonesia relations this week, both by ACICIS journalism students. The first, by Daniella White, looks at building Australia’s knowledge of Indonesia ‘beyond Bali‘.
  • Eileen McInness also wrote an article looking at the economic relationship between the two countries.
  • Monash University are considering opening an Indonesia campus, according to the Australian.
  • The Jakarta Post ran an fascinating profile last week on Alfira O’Sullivan, founder of Sydney’s Suara Indonesia dance group.
  • wrap-up of last week’s Left-Right event on Australia’s role in the Asian Century asks what part young Australia should take.
  • Leading up to next year’s Presidential election, two profiles this week on potential candidates: the Lowy Interpreter on Prabowo Subianto, and in Crikey, the newly-elected mayor of Jakarta, Joko Widodo.
  • Duncan Graham on Malang: “not an unfortunate city“.
  • Next week, Al Jazeera’s 101 East will take a look at the Indonesian education system.
  • A huge congratulations to Australian candidate Courtney Saville, who reached the semifinals of the annual Malay Speaking Competition.

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Facebook feature photo: Jurnal Patroli