Inside Indonesia, an online journal which aims to paint “a deeper image of Indonesia than that painted by mainstream media” is looking for volunteer editors to join its editorial collective.

For 30 years Inside Indonesia has aimed to provide a deeper image of Indonesia than that painted by mainstream media. It focuses in particular on human rights, environmental, and social and political issues, and but is not limited to those issues. It is not an academic journal, but a publication which produces high standard, interesting, jargon free material about Indonesia by Indonesians or by others who have travelled, lived and/or done research in the country. Inside Indonesia is a non-profit endeavour, and apart from a small amount of technical support, is run on an entirely voluntary basis. None of our editors, writers or photographers are paid.

Volunteer Coordinating Editor

The Coordinating Editor is responsible for oversight of the editorial content of the magazine, including its themed quarterly editions and its regular off-theme articles.

This key role involves coordinating Inside Indonesia’s team of volunteer editors and copy editors and overseeing maintenance of Inside Indonesia’s style, thematic focus and high editorial standards.

The Coordinating Editor should have experience in editing/writing/publishing for non-academic audiences. Knowledge of Indonesia and of the magazine is an advantage, as is a good understanding of online media. The Coordinating Editor will work with the Board of Inside Indonesia to manage the day to day running of the magazine and to contribute towards guiding its future direction.


Inside Indonesia is also looking for volunteer editors, responsible for soliciting and editing the articles published in the magazine. More information about this role is available in the position description.

One source of articles is from members of the editorial team who solicit articles from within their networks, in consultation with the coordinating editor. Once they have a commitment from the author, the editor then works with the author to prepare the article for publication. Another source of Inside Indonesia articles is generated from people contacting our coordinating editor with story ideas. If the coordinating editor thinks the idea is viable, they will contact the editors and invite someone to take responsibility for working with author until the article is ready for publication.

For more information about either role, or to apply, please fill out their expression of interest form or email Jemma Purdey ([email protected]) before the 2nd of June, 2014.