Dear AIYA members, supporters and followers,

I am writing to inform you of some changes which have recently occurred to the AIYA National Executive team.

Director changes

On Sunday 26 April, AIYA held a National Council meeting at which a number of changes were made to the AIYA National Executive. Particularly:

  • Hugh Passmore resigned as Partnerships Director and will be replaced with two new directors, Sam Bashfield and Courtney Saville. Sam is a former Victoria Chapter President, and currently works at the University of Sydney’s Sydney Southeast Asia Centre. Courtney is currently living in Yogyakarta, and has had substantial professional experience in partnerships roles in Australia;
  • Bede Moore resigned as Director for the Conference of Australian and Indonesian Youth (CAUSINDY). Bede’s role will not be replaced at this time as there remains two CAUSINDY Directors on the AIYA National Executive;
  • Sally Hill has moved roles from National Treasurer and Company Secretary to become Director of a new initiative which AIYA will launch this year. Sheila Hie will take on the Treasurer and Company Secretary role. Sheila currently works at ANZ, previously served as President of AIYA’s Queensland Chapter and has been involved in PPIA among other things; and
  • Ghian Tjandaputra Muhammad will take on a role as an Executive Officer for the National Executive. This is a non-Director position, but Ghian will assist and work closely with the Directors. Ghian is VP of the AIYA Victoria, and currently works at the Australia-Indonesia Centre.

The outgoing directors, Bede and Hugh, were part of the inaugural AIYA National Executive and have made a huge contribution to our organisation. Bede was the founder of the hugely successful CAUSINDY (and will continue to act as an advisor to that initiative) and Hugh played a key role in the development of AIYA’s strategy and forming some of its key partnerships. They both move on to exciting new opportunities, but will be sorely missed in AIYA.

President changes

I am also writing to inform you that, after much deliberation, I have also decided to resign as AIYA’s National President. AIYA has grown from a group of four friends, to a formidable youth-focused people-to-people organisation with chapter representatives across Australia and Indonesia.

The over 50 events during my time as President have reached thousands of young people; our 5000+ followers on Facebook have developed into a vibrant online community; our advocacy has appeared repeatedly in the press; and CAUSINDY has developed as a key event on the Australia-Indonesia calendar for young professionals and students.

Deciding to step down during a time when AIYA is at a point of great strength has been a difficult decision, but one which I feel – after three and a half years as the inaugural President of AIYA – is in the best interests of the organisation. I will remain in an advisory capacity to the organisation.

Incoming President

Nicholas Mark has been selected to take on the role as AIYA National President. Nick has a strong track record of leadership in the Australia-Indonesia people to people space. He is the inaugural and outgoing NSW AIYA Chapter President, a delegate at CAUSINDY, a delegate of the Australia-Indonesia Bilateral Dialogue, the author of an Indonesian children’s book, a talented musician (performing in Australia and Indonesia) and at the same time a solicitor in Sydney!

I and all of the outgoing and current AIYA National Executive are confident that AIYA is in a safe set of hands under Nick’s leadership, and we are excited to see what the future will bring.

Salam hangat,

Arjuna Dibley