AIYA is very proud and excited to launch a membership system across Indonesia and Australia. This includes the ability to join AIYA online and streamline memberships across Chapters in Australia and Indonesia.

Sign up to be a member of AIYA now. 

Since AIYA’s inception, various AIYA Chapters have offered membership at the Chapter level and it is wonderful that this process has been extended across the AIYA network.

Who is eligible to become a member?

AIYA membership is open to anyone interested in our aims and activities of connecting, informing and inspiring young Australians and Indonesians. Membership categories are as follows:

Full Member – Anyone between the ages of 16 and 35. These members have voting rights at Chapter AGMs and can hold executive positions in AIYA Chapters.

Support Member – Anyone outside the age bracket of 16 and 35. These members cannot vote at Chapter AGMs

How much does AIYA membership cost?

AIYA memberships are divided into two categories.

For membership of an Australian AIYA Chapter for a one year period, membership prices are:

  • $10: Students (undergraduate, postgraduate) or currently seeking employment
  • $20: Employed

For memberships of an Indonesian AIYA Chapter for a one year period, membership prices are:

  • Rp. 50.000: Students (undergraduate, postgraduate) or currently seeking employment
  • Rp. 100.000 : Employed

Member benefits:

  • A friendly environment for young Australians and Indonesians. AIYA membership allows you to connect with young Australians and Indonesians in your location who want to share their languages and cultures through programs such as regular language exchanges and other social gatherings, such as sporting events, trivia nights and karaoke.
  •  A stepping stone to your role in the Australia-Indonesia bilateral relationship. AIYA membership provides you with access to information on professional opportunities in government, academia and the private sector, as well as the opportunity to participate in networking and other Australia-Indonesia events and to meet career champions in the young professionals bilateral relationship.
  • Your involvement, from the ground up. AIYA membership allows you to get involved in the bilateral relationship by voting on and joining your local Chapter.
  •  Get involved in running your local Chapter. Being a member of a Chapter committee involves organising and planning major events, participating in policy development and advocacy and liaising with other like-minded partner organisations. This is all supported by AIYA’s networks, infrastructure and funding support.
  •  Access to UniBRIDGE. As of 2014, AIYA members have free access to UniBRIDGE’s online platform that connects Australians and Indonesians for the purposes of language exchange.
  •  Access to AIYA Chapters across Australia and Indonesia. Selecting a particular Chapter when you sign up does not mean that you are only entitled to the benefits of that Chapter alone. AIYA membership operates for the whole organisation. If you are travelling to another Chapter and attend an event, your AIYA membership will still be valid. Likewise, if you make a permanent move to another location where there is an AIYA Chapter, your membership also remains valid for the activities run by the Chapter in that new location.
  • Exclusive discounts, AIYA membership provides you with a suite of great discounts. These include discounts to any AIYA Chapter event where an entry or registration fee is charged. Please see your local AIYA Chapter page or contact the relevant Chapter President for member discounts in your area.
  • Exclusive member-only opportunities. Be the first to hear about any exclusive member-only internship or job opportunities offered via our partnerships network.

AIYA is continually working to develop more member benefits, and we will keep you informed with regular member-only newsletters.

What if I am already a member of an AIYA Chapter?

If you are already a member of an AIYA Chapter, your membership and associated details will automatically be transferred to the National memberships database. When you receive notification that your memberships are due for renewal, simply follow the link, and rejoin AIYA online, or pay again in cash at your next AIYA Chapter event.  

How do I join?

Please follow this link to become an AIYA member using our online portal:

If you are in Indonesia and unable to pay online you can also join AIYA by paying in cash at your next Chapter event. Please talk to your local Chapter representatives for more information.

When you join AIYA, your details will be inputted into your local Chapter member list, which will grant you the above member benefits.

How are memberships renewed?

Memberships with AIYA are valid for 356 days from the date of joining. When you join AIYA, you will be sent a welcome email from AIYA. An automatic reminder email will be sent to your email address several days prior to the end of your one year membership period. You are then required to re-join AIYA and pay the membership dues for the next 365 days.

For more information or if you have any questions, please visit your local Chapter page, or email the AIYA National team as follows:

Dan Trevanion

Director, Partnerships and Memberships

[email protected]