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  • ‘In forging a path toward progress and away from extremism, Indonesia must return to its roots and redouble its efforts to strengthen the nation’s resolve behind the unifying ideology of Pancasila,’ says Eva Kusuma Sundari, a member of the House of Representatives and Vice Chair of ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights.
  • In Asian Correspondent, Max Waldon takes a deep dive into the popularity of fisheries minister Susi Pudjiastuti. Susi won the Peter Benchley Ocean Award for Excellence in National Stewardship, awarded by Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC, last week.
  • A Sharia court in Aceh has sentenced two men to be caned in public after being found in bed together by vigilantes in March. Gay sex is not illegal in the rest of Indonesia and this is the first such conviction in Aceh.
  • A special issue of Inside Indonesia explores the 2014 Village Law, assessing the intentions and content of the law, the results so far and the possible impact the law may have.
  • ‘In Indonesia, it’s like the wild, wild West, looking for the gold rush.’ That’s the take of Ryan Gozali, a California-educated sports executive, focused on building collegiate sports in Indonesia.
  • Catch up on AIYA ACT, ANU ASEAN Society and Indonesian Student Association event ‘2017 Jakarta Election: Online and Offline‘ held this week and featuring guest speakers Ross Tapsell and Marcus Mietzner.

AIYA presents Kartini

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