In the news

  • Eastern Indonesia and outback Australia share the same energy challenges, and this presents lots of opportunities for the two countries to work together in improving electrification rate. Watch this video where Australia’s Consul General to Makassar, Richard Mathews, shares his insights about the topic and the upcoming Renewable Energy Field Study in Eastern Indonesia.
  • Can Australia and Indonesia work together on challenges in the South China Sea? ANU’s Gatra Priyandita gives his analysis on how the two countries can play meaningful roles in mediating tensions and exercise a middle power leadership.
  • In case you missed Professor Todung Mulya Lubis’ presentation in Melbourne, check out his article on Indonesia’s fragile democracy, and why he thinks that the the country is unlikely to return to authoritarian, military-dominated rule.
  • The Australian government handed over Innovation for Indonesia’s School Children (INOVASI) in Sumba Island, East Nusa Tenggara. Delivered as an education partnership, INOVASI focuses on efforts to improve the quality of literacy and numeracy learning outcomes of elementary school students.

On the blog

  • Despite being close neighbours, why do Indonesia and Australia trade and invest very little between each other? Kyle Springer at the University of Western Australia explores this issue and why the Indonesia – Australia Comprehensive Partnership Agreement might be a starting point to revive the two countries’ economic relations (originally published on The Conversation).


  • Busselton, 4 November – Join the biggest Indonesian cultural event in the Southwest of Australia tomorrow! Held by Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and the Southwest Indonesia Community, Wonderful Indonesia Getaway is offering you a day full of entertainment, delicious Indonesian food, and children’s activities.
  • Sydney, 6 November – Come join AIYA NSW for Networking and Language Exchange! This fun-filled night will give you a chance to relax, practice Indonesian/English language skills and meet like-minded young professionals and students, who are interested in all things Australia-Indonesia. Ayo!
  • Jakarta, 7 November – Rather than spending hours being stuck in traffic, why not come hang out at the upcoming Cepet Kaya event? Join AIYA Jakarta for a fun afternoon where you can meet new friends and have a nice chit-chat over coffee. Check out the details here and RSVP to [email protected].
  • Sydney, 8 November – Check out AIYA NSW’s discussion panel on the military relationship between Indonesia and Australia with experts from Imparsial – The Indonesian Human Rights Monitor and Australian Department of Defence.
  • Melbourne, 8 November – Join AIYA VIC’s upcoming language exchange! If you are looking to level up your Indonesian skills or add few more Aussie slangs, then this is for you. All levels are welcome!
  • Surabaya, Cairns, Sydney, Jember, Samarinda, 27 September – 18 November – Catch Fierrany’s film and other short films at Australia – Indonesia Short Film Festival screenings across Indonesia and Australia.
  • Melbourne, 20 November – Attend Lowy Institute’s lecture series of Beyond access: Making Indonesia’s education system work where leading experts on policy and politics Indonesia will discuss underlying political and social relationships in Indonesia’s education system.


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