Jakarta is sinking so fast, it only has a decade to halt the city from going underwater. A New York Times interactive report shows that human-made troubles and mounting threats from climate change are affecting the capital’s survival. (New York Times/Josh Haner)

In the news

  • How pervasive is vigilante violence in democratic Indonesia? In the last Talking Indonesia for 2017, Dr Dave McRae explores these questions and more with Sana Jaffrey.
  • bakery in the city of Makassar has attracted controversy after it refused a customer’s request to write a Christmas greeting on a cake citing “religious principles”. 
  • Traffic in Jakarta has steadily deteriorated in spite of successive attempted improvements. The solution is to create new travel corridors that do not add more pressure on the existing roads, writes Australia-Indonesia Centre’s Kevin Evans. 
  • After Mount Agung eruption, President Jokowi reassures that Bali is now safe over Twitter, and local businesses are also urging tourists to spend holidays on the island.
  • Australia and Indonesia have conceded they will fail to finalise the CEPA deal this year despite repeated commitments, and both governments are committed to complete the agreement by March 2018.


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