Success often depends on who you know. 

Thursday the 8th of August saw AIYA QLD host its second event, and it was a huge success. Malam Karier sets the stage for an excellent and informative evening of discussion on the advantages of smart networking and how to be interview ready. Featuring two very special guests, John Kimlin and Alister Alibi, who shared their expertise in navigating competitive job markets.



With over 50 guests in attendance, the discussion was led by John Kimlin, Director, Queensland Public Sector at EY and a Board Member of AIBC Queensland. With his wealth of knowledge and experience as both an employee and employer, John was a deft hand at explaining some of the unspoken rules of recruitment and how best to be noticed amongst the seas of hopeful faces, come interview time.

      Alister Alibi, a management consultant at Charles Kendall Australia, added his own experiences as someone who has navigated successfully through numerous careers and workplaces across the globe including Indonesia. Alister’s stories as a challenge seeking young professional resonated with the audience, as the young professionals and students of today are likely to work a vast variety of jobs and often must contend with pressures from older employers, who sometimes see that variety as a detractor rather than an asset. But as both speakers reaffirmed, so long as you can explain your decisions and meet their expectations, the only limit is your own ability. Strong networking never hurt either.      The discussion wrapped up with a mock interview bravely volunteered for by a second-year University Student, who managed to impress the panelists not just with his articulation but also with his willing attitude. Even as the formal event concluded for the evening, guests and speakers alike made for the floor to mingle, meet and network. A fantastic outcome for all involved and a strong display of AIYA values and commitment to its community.    If you would like to publish your post-event write-up on our Blog, reach out to [email protected]