AIYA is pleased to present to you the 2019 AIYA Survey. This year’s survey aims to project the voice of young Australians and Indonesians regarding the health and status of the bilateral relationship. AIYA hopes that the results highlight some of the thoughts, feelings and opinions Australians and Indonesians have regarding a variety of topics that feature prominently in the bilateral relationship. 2019 was an important year for AIYA to capture people’s insights as both countries faced some significant milestones, including National elections and the announcement of the intension to ratify the an economic partnership. With almost too many topics that could be covered a selection of specific initiatives including the New Colombo Plan and the 10 New Balis were focused on as they are initiatives survey respondents may be familiar with.

This survey would not have been possible without the hard work of the AIYA National team, in particular Dan Trevanion, our Director of Partnerships and Memberships and Vania Djunaidi, our Graphic Design Officer. Owen James, our Director of Operations also provided some helpful comments throughout the process. We hope this survey will be useful for those conducting research on topics relating to the opinions of Australians and Indonesians on the bilateral relationship.

Download: AIYA SURVEY 2019

Clarice Campbell
AIYA National President