Welcome to the 2019 edition of the AIYA Annual! We hope this summary of the year’s events provides some insight for readers into AIYA, whether you’re a first-time observer of our organisation or a long-term member. 2019 has been another exciting year for us with increased event offerings, stronger partnerships and new committee members. We have a team of 150 geographically dispersed volunteers who work together to host dynamic and relevant events and initiatives for our diverse membership.

With the Australia-Indonesia relationship continually changing and interest in the relationship wide-ranging, our Chapters have aimed to deliver many different types of events to suit. Language exchanges, sporting days, trivia nights, networking events, academic seminars…you name it, the talented and semangat committee members of our Chapters have endeavoured to showcase the best of the bilateral relationship while also tackling heavy-hitting cultural, political and social topics.

Throughout the year, AIYA, across the two countries has hosted over 300 events and I can only thank the committees for the countless hours they have put into making each and every one of them happen. Each committee has creatively adapted to challenges faced in their respective states, territories and provinces, and learnt so much along the way.

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