East Nusa Tenggara is one of the provinces in Indonesia which is famous for its rich natural and cultural tourism, so that this province is also one of the favorite tourist destinations of people from various walks of life.

In addition to natural and cultural tourism, the province of East Nusa Tenggara also offers a variety of spiritual tourism in various districts. On this occasion, the AIYA National team succeeded in visiting one of the famous spiritual tours, the Church of Santo Antonius Padua Sasi located in Kefamenanu City, North Central Timor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara.

The Church of Santo Antonius Padua Sasi Kefamenanu was officially founded in 2006 and it is said that during the inauguration Mass, this church presented more than three hundred dancers consisting of children ranging from elementary school to junior high school. Presenting more than three priests from all over Indonesia and songs used during the blessing ceremony in Latin. Since then, many people from inside and outside the city have made this church a place of worship, spiritual tourism and some have made this church a background for important photographs such as pre wedding.

This church is famous for the shape of the building that resembles a large ship, although at first glance it looks more like a circle. The main attraction of this place is the construction of the building where ninety percent of the church building is made of natural stone carved and arranged neatly until it finally becomes a church wall. This can be seen immediately when you reach this church. These stones are natural stones from the North Central Timor region which have different patterns with each other with the dominance of the colors orange, red and brown. Therefore, when you will not feel hot when you are in this church building.

Photo : Church walls consisting of carved natural stone

This building actually consists of two floors, the church on the first floor and the hall on the second floor. However, at first glance this church seemed to stand alone. You can access the church from three doors, the main door facing the St. Antonius Padua Middle School, the left door of the church facing the road and the lower door close to the church hall. This door is also used as access to the church hall.

Photo : Entering the church, you will be greeted with a container or tub made of marble which is always filled with water used in the baptismal ceremony and will be closed on an ordinary day.

In addition to the unique church building, apparently the decoration of this church is also very neat. There are fourteen symbolic pillars for the cross path event about the story of the passion of Jesus covered with woven cloth from various regions in East Nusa Tenggara. Of course this will make us feel the atmosphere of the thick region. The background of the altar which is dominated by tables and podiums of marble is also decorated with East Nusa Tenggara woven cloth.

Photo : Church poles covered with woven cloth in the East Nusa Tenggara 

The comfort of devotees in worship is also given great attention, all the chairs are made of wood arranged in a backward formation and the floor will be higher, so that the last people can still see clearly to the altar without the need to look up. The ceiling of this church also uses wood, as well as marble-tiled floors.

Photo : Various church facilities made of wood, such as ceilings and chairs

Based on the story of several people around, the church bell has the signature of world footballer Del Piero who is also the nephew of Father Anton Razolli, OFM Conv., The parish priest when the church was built. Father Anton was also mentioned as one of the motivators and originators of the idea of building this church. The signature was not just on the bell, Del Piero was also mentioned as one of the donors who contributed to the construction of this church. Cool is not it?

In addition to the magnificent building structure with a height of more than seven meters, this church is also equipped with several interesting stairs that can be used by people as photo spots. There are also reflection stones arranged neatly along the outside of the church that can be used by people and visitors all the time.

 Photo : Stone of reflection along the side of the church

It takes about twenty to thirty minutes from downtown to get to this church. This place is also easy to find because of its location close to two schools around the Sasi area. If you want to visit this church, please attend services every Sunday or other holidays. However, if you just want to visit, you are allowed, but of course, by asking permission in the office or the building of the congregation which is located right next to the main door of this church.

Photo : I took pictures in some of the church’s favorite spots. Very beautiful isn’t it? This church adopts European building style

If visiting the town of Kefamenanu, then make yourself available to visit this church. Feel the sensation of calm and soothing through spiritual tourism at the Church of St. Anthony of Padua Sasi, Kefamenanu, East Nusa Tenggara.