Welcome back to Member Spotlight where we introduce you to the personalities behind AIYA. This week, we introduce you to Vice President of AIYA Jakarta Chapter, Dhini Hardiyanti!

What is your occupation/What do you study?

Associate Executive Support Officer, Office of the Secretary-General at the ASEAN Secretariat

Fun fact you would like to share with us?

I spend a lot of free time reading classic literature books (my favourite is War and Peace!)

What made you so interested in Australia/Indonesia?

I lived in Melbourne for almost 3 years and pretty much fell in love with the people and strong multicultural society there

What is your most memorable culture shock experience?

Experiencing Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) when I first moved to Australia, as it was during the peak of winter hahaha

What is your favourite place to visit in Indonesia/Australia?

Indonesia = Jogja (anywhere I can get authentic Gudeg). Australia = Fitzroy Gardens in Melbourne

Favourite meal in Indonesia/Australia?

Indonesia = am extremely weak for gado-gado and gudeg. Australia = smashed avocado with toast and poached eggs

How about your favourite word in Indonesian/English?

English (in true Aussie accent) = yeah nah that’s all good

Do you have a favourite Indonesian/Australian film?

None that I can think of, not a big movie buff

Any hopes for the bilateral relationship?

I hope what we are doing through AIYA can make positive contributions to the Aus-Indo bilateral relationship, particularly in increasing the interest of Australians to learn more about our culture – and not solely associating Indonesia with Bali! hahaha cheers

In your opinion, how is Youth like yourself take part in shaping Australia-Indonesia relationship?

The youth is such crucial demographic, and all our activities in AIYA (e.g. engagements with the NCP, ACICIS, hosting LX, networking events, and others) truly defines the strengthening and promoting of people-to-people links. It’s a great time to celebrate our accomplishments, especially as we have just marked the 70-year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Aus and Indo in 2019.

What was getting involved with AIYA like?

So much fun – which is equally balanced with hard work, particularly when planning and delivering events. But really, the best payoff is seeing events come to life, with great turnout, and seeing new and existing members supporting and actively participating in our activities. Plus points if they make a new friend or two!

What do you like most about AIYA?

Excellent at offering personal and professional development opportunities. If you’re looking to expand your network in the Aus-Indo space, this is a great place to start 🙂 What we have in AIYA is a lasting community, where past and present members and committee personnel can continue to stay in touch with one another and provide support where possible

Sum up your experience as an AIYA member in three words!

Eggciting (x3)

How can we learn more and connect with you?

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/dhinihardiyanti and Insta: instagram.com/deeeshar

Terima Kasih Dhini, for sharing with us your passions and insights into your personal experience. Stay tuned for AIYA Blog Updates for the upcoming personas under Member Spotlight!