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Eid is in sight. Although at this time Eid can not be celebrated with family or other relatives because of the pandemic situation, but the spirit should not be lost well, friend. Now, to enliven the Eid celebration, this time the AIYA National team will share some things that are usually done to welcome Eid during the social distancing from various sources. Let’s go!

New clothes, Alhamdulillah

It has become a tradition that major religious celebrations will be passed by wearing new clothes. Therefore, when Eid arrives, for example, many shopping centers that make massive discounts and promos ranging from pants, clothes, shoes to various accessories. Well, during this social distancing period you should order Eid clothes online to reduce outdoor activities, make sure when your package is sprayed with disinfectant liquid, to avoid germs and viruses.

Well, for those of you who don’t have time to buy new clothes on this Eid, take it easy you can follow various tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest to change your old clothes to new and ready to be used as Eid clothes. This is one example

Video Call 

Since the government issued regulations to implement PSBB or Pembatasan Sosial Berskala Besar (Large Scale Social Restrictions) or what is often known as social distancing, the going home ritual or going home cannot be done. But of course, the intention of friendship with family and those closest to you should not break up. You can still spend time face to face and apologize by using video call services from various applications as done by AIYA.

Make a Lebaran Decoration

Eid may be far from family, but who says the atmosphere will change. You can still outsmart the atmosphere of Eid by making various Eid decorations for your place. Make it as attractive as possible so that the nuances of Eid will be felt. You can also make or buy some special Eid cakes such as nastar, cat’s tongue, snowflake and sweet syrup to complete the nuances of Eid far from family. Good idea right?

Preparing for THR (Tunjangan Hari Raya/Holiday Allowance)

One tradition that is always done when Eid is to give holiday allowance (THR) to younger siblings. Usually each of us who have the obligation to give THR must prepare and adjust how much the budget will be used for this one ritual. During a pandemic like this we certainly cannot give THR directly but you can still use a variety of special financial applications to transact giving THR. The method can be different, but the ritual still has to go right?

Rest Enough

This is the thing most often forgotten by many people because they are busy preparing for Eid. Enough rest is the key so that your body stays healthy during the fasting period until Eid later. This is also to prevent you from getting a disease or a virus because of low immune system. Don’t overdo yourself with various unnecessary activities or stay up all night to prepare for the Eid moment. Rest early, so that tomorrow you are fresher.

Well, those are some things you can do to welcome this year’s Eid. Hopefully this information can inspire you. Eid Mubarak!