AIYA x UniBRIDGE Online Language Exchange (‘FLEX’)

Minggu/Sunday 1pm WIB/4pm AEST

AIYA is proud to present an online version of our classic Language Exchange program for our members – Flexible Language Exchange or FLEX. This program is run in partnership with our friends from the UniBRIDGE Project every Sunday! FLEX is a language and culture exchange program, where young people interested in the Australia-Indonesia relationship meet to exchange ideas and socialise through fun language activities.

Registration: For AIYA members, simply create an account via the UniBRIDGE website using the unique code emailed to you. Your registration will usually be processed within 1- 2 business days, once completed you will be notified that you can now participate in our FLEX program. If you’re not an AIYA member yet, simply sign-up via our website.