Join the AIYA Discord Today

AIYA would like to cordially invite you to join our new Discord, an online group-chatting platform. We will be using Discord as a digital hub for AIYA activities, including but not limited to:

  • FLEX – Our online language exchange is shifting over to Discord from UniBridge
  • Games nights – AIYA will be hosting casual and impromptu gatherings on Discord (look out for your favourite party games like Among Us and others)
  • Ngobrol santai – Any AIYA member will be able to join and chat with other members in Australia and Indonesia whenever you want.

Be Excited

Through the discord we are hoping to build up an online environment and community where AIYA members from any chapter can join and chat whenever they wish.

We will bring youths from across Australia and Indonesia together to Connect, Inform, and Inspire in a new and unique way.

If you are having any difficulties, reach out to your local AIYA chapter and they should be happy to assist you.

A beginners guide to Discord can also be found here.