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AIYA Webinar Series Report by AIYA Queensland

Recycling, using keep-cups and limiting our personal water usage, are all examples of things that we can do to be more sustainable as individuals. However, if we are truly to manage the environmental sustainability crisis, our efforts must transcend our personal lives and we must learn to be equally sustainable in our careers. 

In late April, AIYA Queensland held a webinar in partnership with the Indonesian Students Association (PPIA) Queensland and Universitas Indonesia’s Society of Renewable Energy. The webinar, titled, ‘Integrating Sustainability: Career and Day-to-day’, examined how students and young professionals can be more sustainable, both in their careers and their everyday lives. We heard from two industry experts, Yuriz Mayolie and Adenanthera Fatma. Yuriz works as a process control graduate at South32, a global mining and resource company, while Adenanthera is the directorate of OISAA and a regional focal point Asia-Pacific SDG 7 UN Youth envoy. 

We heard from Yuriz, who graduated from the University of Queensland with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, how it is possible to have a sustainable career in an industry such as mining. Yuriz began by explaining that sustainability in her workplace, means integrating processes that reduce environmental footprints. This includes processes that are carbon-neutral, waterless, low cost and processes that positively contribute to host communities and environments. Adenanthera taught us about the importance of the United Nations seventh Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) – which is to, “ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.”

Source: Motion Talks: AIYA QLD Instagram

With over 40 attendees, this event was a success and only proved that young professionals – from both Australia and Indonesia – are equally passionate about safeguarding their future from climate change and the adverse effects of industrial pollution.  

Event Participants. Source: Motion Talks: AIYA QLD Instagram